The Collis Curve with braces and implants


The Collis Curve Medium and Perio styles are recommended for braces. The curved bristles work under the ligatures connecting the arch wires to remove materia alba. Discolouration due to decalcification along the gum line can be minimised by proper cleaning. With a minimum of placement technique the curved bristle will work its way around the bands and remove debris along the gum line. Brush horizontally allowing curved bristles to enter in between bands and wires to remove debris caught in brackets.


The Collis Curve Perio brush is also known as our implant brush. It is unique in its ability to reach up even higher into the sulcular areas associated with implants. Since with implants there is no periodontal membrane surrounding implant/abutment, there is very little protection against the invasion of virulent bacteria. The patient is really dealing with pockets rather than sulci. Antibacterial mouth washes (chlorhexidine) can be introduced into the sulcular spaces by simply wetting the brush and letting the curved bristles enter the sulcus and carry along the agent. With the Collis Curve implant brush there is a return to simplicity in maintenance.

SIMPLICITY in Implant/Abutment supported fixed prostheses. With a minimum of placement technique the curved bristles will work their way into the artificial sulcus created by the emergence profile of the the implant to remove debris.

SIMPLICITY in Bar/Implant supported full or partial dentures. The natural curve of the Collis Curve implant brush will surround and clean the bar and cantilever introducing antibacterial solutions via the wet, curved bristles that work into the sulcular spaces.

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