HIV/Aids Patients

One of the most painful consequences of an HIV infection or full blown AIDS is badly compromised dental health. As the central immune system comes under attack the defences that maintain good gum health break down. Loose teeth, as well as bleeding and ulcerated gums add to the misery of the patients' situation. In addition many patients with this infection sometimes find it difficult to obtain dental care from conventional practice dentists.

The use of an ordinary straight bristle brush may simply add to the problem, especially if it is used vigorously. Several community teams have been trialling the Collis Curve 'Soft' (Clear Top) brush with these patients and observed a marked improvement in their dental health, as well as being better tolerated. The unique design of this brush with its curved bristles mean that no direct pressure is exterted to pierce the patients' gums. Instead, a gentle backwards and forwards brushing technique sweeps up plaque and debris beneath the gum line and improves circulation. In the trials performed by the American Dental Association it removed up to 48% more plaque than a conventional brush and improved the user's gum health by up to 68%.

Carers find it extremely effective and easy to use.

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