Sensitive Teeth & Gums


Some people suffer badly with sensitive teeth and gums. There are various possible causes of this condition and some can be addressed by special toothpastes. However, what is a universal truth is that a conventional toothbrush is not really the ideal instrument for tackling such sensitivity. If receding and damaged or infected gums are the cause, or if enamel is thin then the direct pressure at the end of the bristles may add further damage. In at least one instance a dentist of our acquaintance has told us how a patient of his had managed to cut a V shaped groove in her rear teeth by over-vigorous brushing! This can never be a problem with the Collis Curve. Because the outer bristles are curved direct pressure is replaced with a gentle flicking action. Combined with a suitable toothpaste this can provide a long term solution. We would suggest the Clear Top Soft brush for such conditions.


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